Emberline as your partner

Emberline is an equity partner, capital provider and growth engineer for your business. We structure an investment and partnership that aligns with your goals, whether you want capital for growth, a partial sale for liquidity, or a majority sale to facilitate business succession.

Our team comprises investors, executives and innovators with decades of experience. We pride ourselves on building dynamic and productive teams that enable businesses to accelerate growth while giving founders access to liquidity, certainty and scalability.

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We take a different approach

Design for agility

We craft a deal with your goals in mind and continue to reassess and evaluate until we’ve hit our mark. Alignment is important to us in building a rewarding  business. Whether you want to retire, champion or lead, we make bringing in new capital to your business a straightforward process that continues to deliver success.

Focus on vision

Capturing opportunities requires outside-of-the-box thinking. Not all potential can be mapped to a spreadsheet. Context, belief and a wide angle view are a hallmark of our investment strategy which enables us to see the long term potential of a business.

Value our relationships

Strong performance requires strong culture. We believe the dynamic within a company has a direct impact on its customers. A positive and productive culture yields happy and growing customers; we care about the journey and experience of our partners. People are the ultimate factor in delivering success.

How we help

We provide an array of support to our partnerships, which includes capital, resources and strategy expertise so that founders can benefit from the collective experience and capabilities of our team.

Equity capital for growth

Often a change or acceleration of vision requires equity capital to jump start the process. We provide capital to your balance sheet that can be deployed for product development, geographic expansion, new market penetration, and an array of other organizational growth initiatives comprising people, process, and technology.

Liquidity now or later

We provide a path for founders to de-risk their lives by monetizing a portion or all of their equity in their business. Often founders seeking a full sale will still elect to keep some equity to benefit from the future growth of the business.

Clarity and certainty

We understand that bringing in an investment partner can be taxing and stressful regardless of the scenario. We work with founders through a simple and straightforward approach to reach a deal quickly and with as little complexity as possible.

Key advisors

We employ a network of advisors to find the right mix of support and guidance for every one of our investments. From subject matter experts to seasoned executives, we believe proficiency and knowledge from industry veterans is one of the keystones to sustained growth. 

Strong foundation

A strong foundation is the bedrock of any value creation plan. As a business continues to grow, a solid foundation of best practices and workflow is critical to success. We have decades of experience identifying and implementing business planning, process automation, goal setting, and org-design to align initiatives to outcomes.

Vender network

Not every process and workflow should be handled internally but finding and managing quality service providers can be cumbersome. We maintain a directory of reputable and credentialed service providers that can handle the complexity of nearly every situation leaving the business to focus on its core strengths.

Corporate development

Growth often requires bold and creative action. We have experience penetrating new markets, managing product launches, negotiating joint ventures, setting up channel partnerships, hiring new management executives and pushing into foreign geographies. We provide the support or leadership needed for any strategic development initiative that may be required to augment growth.

Strategic acquisitions

Sometimes the best way to grow is by buying a competitor. We are ready with the capital and experience needed to evaluate and close the acquisition of a competitor to drive scale or build a defensible moat.

Shared benefits

Alignment, talent and performance work best in an environment that shares the benefits of growth. We believe in a complement of arrangements for key personnel to share in the success that a growth business can deliver.

Optimized capital

We utilize a multitude of resources to enhance the capital structure of the business that enables improved returns to all stakeholders including  shareholders, employees, and customers.

Our Investments

Intterra provides real-time situational awareness and geospatial intelligence tools for firefighters and first responders. Intterra's products are used by over 100 federal, state and local agencies and utilities to protect people and property from natural disasters.

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